Friday, January 30, 2004

Framing Inspection

The framing inspection went well, although they discovered that we are missing shear-wall plywood in the garage and where the backdoor to the basement is. Although the plans call for removing the door, we decided to leave it. However, this change may require an addendum by the architect. Also, the house was missing some tie-down straps over the dining room door. Apparently the plumbing inspection didn’t go as well. There was some issue raised about the venting. I don’t really know any of the details.

The electricians are back again today, hopefully to finish up the remaining rough-in items on the first floor and stairs. This will be stuff like the porch lights, hall closet, and pantry light. Because the garage interior requires plywood, they’ll have to wait to put the new outlets in there. Also today, they plan to add the recessed lights in the kitchen. This has caused a bit of controversy because the electricians are afraid to cut the lat-and-plaster ceiling. Last I heard, the general contractor had agreed to do the cutting. Jenn and I are going to visit her Dad this weekend won’t be back until Monday evening. So, I won’t know until then if the entire kitchen ceiling came down. Hope not.

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