Monday, September 15, 2003

Now it’s the week of Sept 15, 2003, and the roofing material is finally coming off. Delays and more delays. The foundation work took longer than they expected and I think they were deliberately stalling on taking the roof off because of the damp weather. Even now the forecast calls for light sprinkles today, and rain tomorrow. However, longer range forecast calls for clearer weather into next week. We might just get away with minimal precipitation. The builders now say that the roof will be open for around 4 weeks. Hopefully it won’t be any longer than that.

We had to pull the coral bark maple out of the front yard. The builders say that the crane used to lift the roof beams is going to need to pull into the front yard right where the tree was. We just planted the tree this spring. Ming, the neighborhood 6 year old helped with the transplant. We pulled it up and put it in one of the recycling bins. We did loose some roots in the move, which is never good. Hopefully it survives.

We’re planning a roof-less party this Saturday. Hopefully it will be a festive occasion and not a wake for the interior of our house.

Here are the forms for the cement foundation blocks for the columns that will hold up the back part of the roof:

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