Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Mysterious Pipe Noises

We started putting the insulation up this weekend. Definitely harder work than I had thought. The ceiling batts are hard to pull into place, especially around the heating duct work. Jenn helped out by getting some of the wall cavities filled, especially in the sun room. Anything she can do will help a lot. The tough part is that both Jenn and I are just getting over colds and we are both a little lacking in energy. Hopefully we can finish up it this weekend though. After we get the insulation inspected, we can get the drywall guys in there. Dave said they are asking for more money, $7000 in fact, but he thinks he can get them down to $5k. Hope so, considering I only budgeted $4400.

Dave also said they think they can get the windows in before the end of the month (February). Hope so, since he plans to go on vacation in Italy during March. I also asked that he redo the archway over the main floor hallway. At first I thought combining the two closet doorways was enough, but I decided that it left too awkward a hallway into the old bedroom. Now the archway will be almost 9 feet long and go almost the entire length of the original main floor hallway. I’m thinking that I still may try and put some kind of columns in to give the house a little more style. I felt really bad about asking them to redo something they already did, but he didn’t seem too bothered by it. Hopefully this is the last major change that we’ll need.

So, the last major things remaining are the drywall, windows, porches, balcony, and the siding. It feels close! Then when the house is finally ours, we will just need to paint, do the floors, stairs, bathrooms, lights, and trim work. Yippee!

Probably the biggest concern that we have at this point is the incredible noise our pipes are making. All night long they make this rattle and screech noise. Very annoying!!! Dave said the plumber thinks it might just be air in the lines. I hope that’s all, because I’m not signing off on this project until that rattling stops.

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