Friday, February 13, 2004

Friday the 13th! Ooo!

I’ve been working on hanging insulation all week. A lot harder work than I had expected, especially around the plumbing and ductwork above the upstairs hallway. Except now, Dave says that we probably won’t get away with the craft-paper backed insulation up there. In general, you cannot leave the craft-paper ‘exposed’ because it is considered a fire hazard. Most of the rest of the insulation will be covered with drywall, expect in that dead-air space above the hallway. Grrr! Don’t know for sure. Dave suggested I call the city. Hopefully either we can just get away with it or we can cover it with some other kind of material. I’m seriously hoping I don’t have to remove what I worked so hard to get up there. In the mean time I plan on just finishing what is left, which is above the master closet, and the walls. Hopefully I can get it done this weekend.

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