Sunday, March 20, 2005

Stairs And Bathroom

I got (almost) all of the treads and risers in place for the main stairs this weekend. I feel pretty good about that. Rather than buy the pre-made treads from the Hell Depot, I decided to cut and join my own from some rough 5/4 oak stock I had. Plus, all that I've seen for sale are bullnosed and I like the squared look better. Some how it looks more "Craftsman". :-)

I finally got to use the biscuit cutter that I bought about 2 year ago. It works great. Good thing, 'cause if it didn't I don't have the receipt to try and take it back with. Oops... Using the oval shaped biscuits to join the boards together not only makes the butt-joint stronger, it helps line up the boards. This is especially helpful with slightly warped boards, as all of mine seem to be...

I'm still having a crisis of confidence in what to do with the stairs in the sunroom. Originally, the architect had designed a solid half-height wall between the steps and the room. However, I wanted open spindles like the main stairs. But, the builders had already roughed in the half-wall. So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to make the transition. Haven't quite reached that goal yet.

Lower Main Stairs

Upper Main Stairs

Instead I started work on the vanity cabinet in the 2nd bath. I'm also building that from scratch rather than buy something off-the-shelf. Did I mention I'm supposed to get a final inspection by April 18? Tick Tock! Think I'll make it? :-)

2nd Bath Cabinet So Far
I just screwed down some scrap 2x4s, then some leftover 3/4" ply sheathing, then some 1/4" oak ply. The side of the cabinet is a quick panel-and-frame I whipped out. I will then just cap this with some more 3/4" ply and tile over that. I think it will look good and really it's not that much work...

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Blogger Shawn Smith said...

Looks great. Perhaps you can show me how to make some treads as I am getting more serious about replacing the carpeted stairs with wood.

6:35 AM, March 21, 2005  

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