Thursday, February 24, 2005

Floors are Done!!!

Wow, this is a huge milestone for us! We worked very hard. It took us 4 solid weekends to lay down, sand, and finish about 940sf of flooring. We did about 900sf of tongue-and-groove red oak and 40sf of top-nail white oak. I even put in some inlay in top nail portion.

But, as you look at this picture, past the inlay, the cat sleeping on the register, and the dusty footprints, you may notice that the finish doesn't quite match between the middle and the bottom of the picture. This is because the original floors were sealed using an oil-based sealer, which gives the floors a red-tone. I used a water-based sealer on the inlay portion, which gives the floors a brown-tone. Oops. It looks worse with a camera flash picture than it does in person. Still, when we do the wood floors in the kitchen (kitchen in background -- planning to remodel 2006) we'll probably go back and make this finish match. All-and-all, this it he biggest flaw and the rest of the house looks great!

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Blogger NottD1 said...

The inlay is beautiful! Great job. You guys are almost there, keep up the hard work.

6:02 PM, February 26, 2005  

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