Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wayne's Coating

We're spending our holiday weekend doing (guess what?) work on the house. We started off the weekend at the local nursery to buy a bunch of plants to restore our front yard with the help of my sister. Jenn is spending most of the weekend planting with help from her mom. Things are looking good out there and it looks like all the plants will be in the ground by tomorrow.

I'm indoors putting wainscoting in the upstairs hallway and stairway. First I put the baseboards in. Next, I'm putting some paneling up. After that will be header railing and some trim framing. Unlike Jenn, I won't finish tomorrow. But, I hope to get most of the boards in place. I hope.

By the way, I've heard enough episodes of This Old House to know they pronounce it wanes-cotting. But out here (waaaaay out here) we pronounce it Wayne's coating. So there.

Here is the hallway as of late Sunday afternoon:

Here is Jenn getting some plants into the ground:

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