Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Living Room

Greg and I have been working on the house in an effort to get it ready for the wedding. I’ve been working on the living room for over a month now. It started with painting the wall from the living room to the kitchen. Then it was the some what simple task of repainting the ceiling.

First Greg and I scraped the peeling paint of the ceiling. We were then slowed down when we primed the ceiling. Parts of the ceiling were slightly yellow and we couldn’t seem to cover it. It took two coats of primer and four coats (in some areas) of ceiling paint.

Then Greg decided to remove the crown molding. This meant there was a white stripe all along the top of the walls. I thought, no problem. I’ll just paint the stripe yellow. I still had plenty of paint left from painting the wall into the kitchen. That night I looked at it and started to worry. Sure enough, when looking at the room in the morning sun light it was obvious where I had painted the night before. I needed to repaint the entire room.

I went to Miller on Saturday and got another gallon of Cane and started painting. I finished the yellow brush work this morning and this afternoon I did the last coat of white brush work on the ceiling. Now all I have to do is clean the floors and we’ll have our living room back. Yippee! I am really looking forward to it. Our dining room (our temporary living room) may have a better view but the living room has better evening light.

I’ll post some photos of the new and improved living room once the floors are cleaned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!! you are doing a great job. I think we live in a bungalow. And yes we are remodeling and updating.I think I will start taking pictures like you. I am so sorry I never thougtht about it. I agree about those wood floors. They are great. Just a little story:One Christmas the hubby and I got into a "little" argument while decorating the tree. He left to go cool off and I nailed the tree to the floor.It is a favorite family story now. Here is the kicker.. I put at least 10 nails in that floor and now we can't even find one. Those wood floors are awesome.

8:28 PM, November 18, 2006  

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