Friday, February 20, 2004

Insulation Insulation Insulation

Still working on insulation. Didn’t see Dave all week, but I know he visited the house one day and I think he may have fixed the leaking plumbing vent. It has rained quite a bit this week, but I haven’t noticed any more water on the floor. So, let’s hope. I did talk to Dave on Tuesday and he says the windows are scheduled to arrive next Friday (2/27), which means they can start installing them on Monday (3/1). Hope so. That will be a major milestone in this project.
I hope to finish up the insulation this weekend, but realistically, it may drag into next week. I still need to wire for phone and cable before I can finish insulation, but at least I think I know what to do there. I’m just going to run the phone up from the basement into the 2nd bedroom closet, then along that wall into the master suite. The cable will come up from the box outside the kitchen, then up into the ‘computer area’ above the kitchen, then over the hallway and down to each bedroom. I think, in this day of wireless, that that will be enough coverage.
After I get this wiring done, I will finish up the fiberglass insulation. That leaves the issue of the ‘exposed’ Kraft paper. Dave recommended something call ‘FS paper’ or fire-spread paper. However, I have not found this, nor have I found someone else who has heard of this. Instead, I’m looking at something called Reflectex, which is an aluminum insulation product. After reading their web site, it’s not clear that the product will fit our needs, but I will ask Dave about it next week and probably just go with it. It appears to be fire resistant and easy to install, the two things I’m looking for, at this point.

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