Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Decking Arrives

The decking for the porches was delivered today. It looks very nice. Hopefully I ordered the right amount. Not sure when I’ll start laying it down. I really should get more of the painting done first. However, I’m thinking that I will lay the stairs sooner. The contractors said that the stairs would likely begin to warp if I don’t get them decked as soon as possible. But, if I do the stairs now, I need to figure out exactly how I want them. I’m thinking that I would like to have solid risers rather than leaving the stairs open. For this, I was thinking cedar 1x. But, I can’t rip the decking for this because it is grooved on one side. So, I was thinking I would go and get some 6ft square-top fencing and use that for the risers. Then, I will need to lay down the decking on the steps so that it has just the right amount of over hang without making it fragile. Also, I need to make sure that the outdoor-wood framing is not visible when I’m done. This means wrapping the sides with 1x as well. That’s more tricky since each step must them be cut out of the ‘fascia’ board. The good news is that this should only be an issue for the stairs that stick out from the porch and not the ones (one) that is concave.

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