Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Back Steps?

Met with Dave and Dale this morning. We talked about steps for the front and back porches. They were under the impression that they would not need to put steps in out back. Ugh. I THINK they are now going to make me some steps for out back. However, I wish I had talked to them about it before today. So, we should get 3 sets of stairs in front, and 1 set in back. Hope so.
I paid them another $4600 today. Ugh. But, this should cover everything except the dumpster. This should run me another $400 or more. We’ll see. But, after that, I shouldn’t have to pay 3D Construction any more. Despite this asterisk, I think we’ve reach an important milestone in the project today. Cool.
I’d really like to get the primer in the master suite done tonight so that I can start painting the ceilings. For the ceilings I got a 5 gallon bucket of a pure white ‘ceiling paint’ from Home Depot. Should be good enough. For the bathroom and closets walls we’ll use a white satin paint also from HD. But, for all the walls with color, we’ll use the Miller paint again.

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