Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Pain in the Neck!

Talked to Dave this morning and a sinking feeling that ‘gutters aren’t included’ were confirmed. Much like the porch framing, I’m certain that the gutters WERE once included, but have no paper confirming this. It appears that he too has gone through the paper work looking for things that are not explicitly spelled out so that he can deny their inclusion. Bottom line, I’m on my own for the gutters. Considering all the other work that I’ll have to do, I’m probably going to have a professional put in seamless aluminum. I’ve read that I can pretty much get any color I want, so I’ll probably go with either copper or white. The idea of copper looking gutters without the expense (or the patina) is kind of appealing. Not sure if Jenn will like the idea though. I’m also considering not putting gutters on the dormers. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but it would reduce the costs and keep the look of the dormers more simple. So, I’ll just need a strait run on the front and back of the house, wrap it around three sides of the sunroom, plus downspouts. The article says I should expect to pay $10 a linier foot, which would make the entire project cost a bit over $1000. Not too bad, considering.
Btw, my neck is still a little stiff and sore. I still don’t know exactly why. I’ve never had a stiff neck last this long. It’s been a week now. Granted, it’s a whole lot better than it was a week ago, but I can still feel it. Very strange.

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