Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Painting Starts

I started painting the primer on the drywall on Sunday. I painted part of the master closet and it looks pretty good. Dave says we need to finish the painting before the electricians come back to finish the wiring. The electricians need to wire everything all at once and make sure everything works. Therefore we will need to have the lights installed, but we don’t want to have to mask off the lights while painting. We could remove the lights again after the electricians are done, but considering the master bedroom alone has 7 wall sconces, that’s a lot of lights to remove. So, we’ll do what we can to get as much of the house painting before the electricians show.
I designed something I call a ‘candle stand’ for the landings on the main stairs. These are triangular shaped attached tables with a storage cabinet below. I was thinking about building two of them, one for each corner of the landing. We can keep candles in the cabinets, then light them and put them on the tabletop during parties or special occasions. I was even thinking about mounting small mirrors on the wall just above the table top to help reflect the candle light, but I’m not sure about this. By making them triangle shaped and wedging them in the corners, they won’t take up much space or get in the way. I think the candle stands will be nice and add character to the house.
Dave and Dale installed much of the cedar shingles around the balcony on Tuesday. It looks very nice and I can hardly wait to have it done. He also asked that I pay for the entire garbage removal. Oh well. I think we’ll just have to see how much stuff will fit into one big dumpster, and then use Sioux’s truck to move the rest of it. Yuck.

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