Monday, June 07, 2004

Even More Painting

The painting continues. We’ve painted primer on perhaps half the surfaces. I focused mostly on the master suite, while Jenn has been working the 2nd bedroom, 2nd bath, and hallway. We’re leaving the sunroom alone for now until we can mask off all the windows and woodwork.
Jenn found some paint for the master suite that she likes. It’s kind of a bluish lavender, not my choice, but it will look nice in the bedroom. We agreed to paint the walls the lighter color, but the hallway between the bedroom and the sitting room will be a darker color. We’ve also decided to paint all of the ceilings a bright satin white, as well as the bathrooms and closets. That just leaves the 2nd bedroom, sunroom, and hallways to decide for sure. I thought we were in agreement to paint the hallways the same color as the living room (cane: a kind of a golden harvest-wheat color), but Jenn would like to introduce a new color, though she isn’t sure. We also bought two more 5 gallon buckets of primer. We’ve already spent over $260 on paint. Ugh.
I managed to hurt my neck too. I’m still not exactly sure how, but I think it was when I was painting the ceiling in the closet. All that I know is that I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore stiff neck that got stiffer and sorer as the week went on. By Friday, I had decided to take the day off from work and spent it lying in the basement watching TV.
I talked to Dave and Dale this morning. They think they will be done with the ‘construction’ by the end of this week. This still leaves some odds-and-ends such as the remaining electrical work, gutters, etc., but it is still an important milestone.

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