Monday, December 13, 2004

Done with Sunroom Trim?

I worked a fair amount on the sunroom ceiling. I think I can now say that the trim molding is done. I think. Oops, no, I need to trim the skylight-well, THEN I’ll be done. Anyway, after that, I will still need to do the finish work: fill, sand, stain, and finish. I decided that I’ll wait and put all the stinking stains on when Jenn is visiting her Dad for Christmas. But, I could still do the fill and sand before then.

I know I worked a lot this weekend, because my legs are like jelly. I must have gone up and down that ladder a hundred times. Ugh. I think I’ll take tonight off.

After I finish the trim for the skylight, I need to start work on the stairs. I’m going to do the sunroom first. I’m going to get the stairs better prepared, then put in the raisers. I’m not going to put the treads in until the wood floors go in.

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