Friday, March 25, 2005

Bleck Slowing Me Down

I've been feeling pretty lousy lately: tired, sore throat, etc. Yuck. This has impacted my ability to work on the house. I did manage to finish the carcass for the 2nd bathroom vanity earlier in the week.
The top ply was a little wobbly, so I added a couple more 2x4s just underneath. With those it is strong enough to hold the tile without cracking.

I went a head and cut the tile for the top.
This tile is by Cepac and has a hand-painted look. It is called Cezanne. Check out their web site for a better look I really like their tile. It is good quality and looks great.

I started work on the master bath, but I didn't get much done.
I just got the bottom part done. This vanity is going to be pretty big: 24"x85", which is 14sf. I hope that's big enough... As you can see, it is roughed in for 2 sinks. I hope to have a rack of drawers in between them.

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