Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Forecast Calls for Mud

Hillsdale house is looking more like Hillslide house these days. We hired some landscapers who have the yard all ripped up right now. And, wouldn’t you know, it has started to rain, hard (something like 3" in the last 2 days).

As you can see from the picture, our yard slopes a lot from left to right. There have been noticeable ruts from the rain eroding away the topsoil over the years. So, we’ve decided to build some rock retaining walls that should level things out and give the yard a more terraced look (and hopefully keep our soil from washing away). Probably the biggest and smartest decision we made so far is NOT TO DO THIS OURSELVES. I know, it is hard to let go and let other people do things. But, got to.

So, as long as they are putting the rock wall in, we thought we might as well have them put in automatic sprinklers. Ouch, that’s expensive, but it is something else that we don’t want to do ourselves. Besides, it will be nice to have a front yard that takes care of itself. They are also going to deliver a few truckloads of new top soil to put behind the new walls. Later on, Jenn and I will plant some stuff and put in a cobblestone path to the front steps. Until then, forecast calls for mud.




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