Sunday, September 18, 2005

Inside and Out

Work is progressing here, both inside and out. The painter was busy all week painting the trim and overhang outside, while I've been busy getting the railing put in on the main stairs inside.

I have to confess that I kind of like the house better before the painting. I like the wood tones and textures of the raw trim. But, to be realistic, the house must be painted in order to preserve that wood. I guess I could have tried an oil or some other means of preserving it without paint, but that would likely mean constant maintenance. Besides, the painter is doing a good job and I'm sure I'll get use to the nice clean look of the trim. And, we will still have the cedar porches with the pine ceilings and the shingles on the 2nd story. There will be plenty of natural wood on this house. But, Jenn and I both agree, we've got to paint the rest of the house. The grey has got to go. The plan is to paint it a nice dark red. But, we won't be able to do it this year. There is ALWAYS next year...



While the painter has been busy outside, I've been busy inside. I added the last handrail to the mainstairs and a few more spindles. I've now done 12 spindle assemblies for steps (I'm building them in my sleep now) and need to do 8 more for the main stairs. There are also two overhangs, one on the landing, and the second at the top of the stairs, that both need spindles. That's a lot of spindles. I've been ripping them out of some variable width white oak one-by that I got from Crosscuts. Jenn has been helping me sand the spindles after they've been ripped, which has helped a lot.

Main Stairs

As soon as I get these main stairs done, it's MORE stairs. The sunroom stairs haven't been touched. I will need to get treads and railings on them before we're ready for inspection. Much to do.

Sunroom Stairs

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