Thursday, October 20, 2005


Jenn and I finished mounting the tile for the various backsplashes last night. We did the vanity in the master bath Sunday. Last night we did the tub in the master bath and the vanity in the 2nd upstairs bath. It was pretty easy. Last night only took us about an hour. You just put the adhesive on the wall, mount the tiles, then wiggle them into place. The hardest part is getting the tiles all even and well spaced. The 3" tile comes with a mesh backing, grouped in a 3x3 grid, so that each group of 9 tiles is about a square foot. This does make it easy to lay out square footage pretty easily. The problem, though, is that the mesh can make it harder, not easier to wiggle the individual tiles around to get everything well space. We spent most of the time just wiggling tiles around and eyeballing against a level. Too bad I lost my laser level. That was useful. May need to buy another...

Here are some pictures:

Master bath vanity (with mirrors and cabinet doors, this might look finished...)

Master tub (yes, the skirting is made of cardboard -- it's on the todo list)

2nd Bath Vanity

Wet saw in the shower

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