Sunday, February 19, 2006

Under the Stairs (again)

I'm back to work under the stairs. The original idea was to put a series of shelves that would look a bit like stacked boxes (or, as one person observed a Tansu step cabinet). So, I built three panel-and-frame boxes, attached them together and slid them under the stairs. Sounds easy, but it was a tight fit and took forever to get them slid in without getting a little bit crooked and then caught. Ugh. But, after fighting with them for a while and waking them with the hammer a few times for good measure, they got into place. Then, it was just a few screws to anchor them in.

Next up I need to cover the framing with 1/4" oak ply. I hope to be able to finish that this week. After that I will need to trim it out before doing the finish work. The finish work (staining, etc) will probably have to wait until the weather is warm enough to open up all the windows in the house.

Here is what they look like:

As of Sunday evening

Ready to slide them in.


Here are some Tansu step cabinets. Not the actual inspiration, but interesting none the less.

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