Friday, December 23, 2005

Interior Columns

I've been working on the columns in the main hallway of the first floor. So far, I have the right column done for now and I just started working on the left one. I probably won't get too much done over the weekend (what with Christmas and all -- remember Christmas?). By "done" I mean I have the panels cut and fitted and the collar and shelf pieces are in place. The collar was done, similar to the exterior columns, with 2 steps. The top step is 2" and the next one is 1 1/2" (from 1x white oak). This makes for an nice effect. The shelf is also made from the 1 1/2" oak. The top of the shelf is exactly 3' off the floor. The base portion of the column is strait 5"x10.5", but the top portion is tapered so that it is 5"x10.5" at the shelf, but 5"x5" at the top where it meets the collar.

But, enough type, here's some pictures:

The right column (done for now)

The left column (base panels and shelf are in)

Before (right column)

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