Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Closet Lights Not Code

Oops. The city's electrical inspector was just here. We did well except for the lights in the closet. We have recessed light fixtures in the two new closets with standard flood bulbs. He said this is considered a fire hazard. If the light bulb explodes, the hot filament could start a fire. Code requires either a lens over the bulb or we can put a sealed beam light bulb in there. Since, whenever I mess around with these recessed light fixtures I end up screwing up the springs, I'll just get the sealed beam light bulb.

2nd Bedroom Closet Needs a Sealed Beam Bulb

Master Closet Needs a Sealed Beam Bulb

Despite this, he passed us under the condition that we fix the problem with the closet lights. This gives us yet another six month extension on the general permit! Yippie...

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