Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back to Work

The wedding was great, the honeymoon was wonderful, but now it's back to work! There is a long list of things left to do. Probably first up will be the sunroom.

I just received an order of 200bf of 4/4 white oak from Crosscuts. This should be enough to trim the upstairs (I HOPE!!!). Each room needs baseboards and casings on the windows and doorways. That's a lot of 1x4. However, it doesn't come delivered in 1x4s, but rather 3 sided random width. So, first up, I need to make a whole bunch of 1x4 out of the white oak. This means a whole lot of table sawing and a whole lot of sanding away saw marks. Gasp.

Like I said, first up is the sunroom. I need to lay down the baseboards, then get to work on the casings. There are 6 windows and two doorways. That should take a while...

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