Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Vacation to Italy

Well, here it is March already and things have pretty much screeched to a halt. No windows, no drywall, no porches, and no changes anytime soon. The general contractor, Dave, is going to be on vacation in Italy for the next two weeks, which means nothing will get done is his absence. For some reason, the delivery of the windows won’t happen until Wednesday of this week, although they were scheduled for Monday. This means, although the windows should have gone in before Dave left, they won’t go in until after he gets back. Frustrating. I have asked (practically begged) that he get the 9” ductwork for the kitchen exhaust put in before he leaves so that I can finish up the insulation and get it inspected. At least I’ll have SOME sense of accomplishment.
Getting the insulation inspected reminds me that I need to walk the plans addendum to the city. The addendum excludes the requirement that we put plywood where the basement door to the backyard is. Originally the architect had planned to remove that door and replace it with plywood, which would ‘strengthen’ that portion of the exterior. However, after building began, I decided that I would like to keep that door. It makes it a lot easier to move things from the basement to the outside and the glass portion of the door helps give the stairs some much needed natural light. Apparently the engineer doesn’t have a problem with that, but the city does have a problem, until we can get the addendum filed. I will need to get this done before Dave gets back from vacation.

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