Thursday, May 20, 2004

House Scraps Raise Beds

Not much to report today. Unfortunately, I don’t think the drywallers came yesterday and I have no way of knowing if they are coming today. I’m still just leaving the front door unlocked, which does bother me. As of today, although most of the upstairs looks great, there are a few places that do not look very good and are not complete. Most notably is the Kitchen. They did start to hang drywall by the fridge, but didn’t finish, and didn’t tape or mud that area at all. On the wall opposite the fridge, the former doorway, the drywall is not flush with the rest of the wall and generally looks terrible. In addition, I had asked that they skim coat the rough texture on the east wall and around the stairs to the basement. Upstairs, the sun room looks good except for the skylight well looks incomplete and there is no tape or mud on the drywall under the stairs. Finally, under the main stairs, the wall where the window was looks absolutely horrible and there is still a whole in the wall where the electrician punched through. Granted this space will be storage and hidden from view, but I really don’t want to leave it like this. I’ve decided that I will ask Hector to fix all of these items, but I’m willing to concede all but the kitchen and the whole in the wall under the main stairs.
One fun thing though, I built a new raised bed in the back for vegetables. I used some of the left over 2x6 cedar decking from the old back deck and stacked them 3 high to build a box that is 4’x8’. This year I will plant in this box some tomatoes, bush beans, pumpkins, and maybe some carrots and sunflowers.

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