Thursday, May 13, 2004

Crawling Shingles

The drywall marches on. Today is the second day of tape and mudding and they have put the first course on the 2nd floor. One concern is that they still haven’t hung the drywall in the kitchen and the pantry or under main stairs or the stairs in the sunroom. Not sure why. I did pay the $2200 in cash. That was a little nerve racking to walk from the bank to my car with so much cash in my pocket. But, I gave the money to the general contractor and (hopefully) it will be given to the drywallers. However, I have decided that I will not pay the 2nd $2200 until they get the rest of the drywall completed including the kitchen, pantry, and under both stairs.
In the meantime the cedar shingles continue to crawl around the house. They finished the front dormer yesterday and it looks very nice. In fact, all of the shingles look really great. This has been the nicest surprise in recent history. This is going to be a beautiful house. Someday…
Dave framed the exterior walls for the balcony off the sunroom. The new wall is about knee high and will function as a base for a metal rail that will wrap around the balcony exterior. Dave also gave me an estimate at around $400 for the water proofing. They need to put a layer of water proofing above the sub floor before I put down the decking. Although I could do this myself, at this point I’m temped to just pay it. It’s just one less thing to worry about. I know that stupid balcony is going to leak, but hopefully it won’t be for a couple years with the professional treatment. I’m just buying time.
Oh, and speaking of the sunroom, the correct windows are in place and the window saga is finally over. And yes, the grills do now match up. That sunroom is going to be soooooo nice.

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