Monday, October 11, 2004

Bought a Wood Stove!

I finally got back to work on the house this weekend. I’ve been sick and not really up to or able to work on the place. But, Sunday I finally did something productive. I cut all of the plywood needed to build the columns for the back porch. It took nearly 3 hours to do it. But, I got it done. Now all that I need to do is attach the plywood, trim them out, then prep and paint them. I’m hoping I can do that all this week. We’re going to the beach this weekend so I won’t be able to work on it then. Once the columns are done I can start getting bids for the gutters.

I went ahead and ordered the fireplace insert on Friday. It’s an Avalon Pendleton. Even though it’s not supposed to require a blower, I got one anyway. It is scheduled to be installed on Thursday, October 28. I can hardly wait!

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Blogger Soldado Con La Pluma said...

Been thinking about getting one of these. What was/is your experience with this fireplace insert? Heat efficiently, good product, feel like you got what you paid for?

Portland, OR

10:02 AM, November 29, 2007  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, we've had the Avalon Pendleton for 3 years now and it works pretty well. However, this is the only insert I've ever used, so I can't compare to other units. I can say that there has been a bit of a learning curve. Initially, I had a lot of trouble getting the stove to light because it wouldn't draft. I learned that it's good to open the door about 1/2 hour before lighting a fire, but if you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer to force warm air up the chimney. Also, I'm still learning how to use the air intake to keep the stove from getting too hot. In general, no regrets.

11:55 AM, November 29, 2007  

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