Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Work on Columns

I worked on the front porch columns this weekend. I managed to get the top collars on and the framing trim. I decided to go with a double step collar. By that, I mean the collars are built using two rings of framing. The first is 2x3, as I had planed, but then the second is a 2x2. This creates a surprisingly professional look. I put most of the framing trim up too, but I ran out of molding. So, I plan to go to the Hell Despot today to get some more. I realized that I need to prime and paint the columns before I can put in the railing. In addition to the columns, I pinned down the rest of the decking too. It looks pretty good, except that the way the boards work out, this is almost no overhang on the north steps. I don’t know if the inspectors will notice that or not. There is so much to look at…

By the way, I still need to call the city and find out the status of my permits. My understanding is that a permit can go “dormant” if the site is not inspected for over 6 months. The last inspection was in April, so we’re currently at around the 5 month point. I think the best thing to do is call the city and find out my status and find out the best way to proceed at this point. There is no question that I’m going to need at least 6 more months to finish the work on the house. This would mean finishing the outside work, the second floor, the stairs, and the flooring and trim at the base of the stairs.

Btw, here's the tub:

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