Friday, September 03, 2004

Lights Trickle In

Geez, it’s September already! I still need to finish the porches and the exterior painting before the weather turns. I only got a little more work done on the porches. I did get the floorboards in front of the door replaced. But, no more work on the columns. Also I figured out that the moldings I got for the columns are not outdoor quality. They’re just pressed board and will likely expand and / or melt once winter gets underway. Too bad I already ripped many of them in half. Oops. What a waste. I’ll try and return the rest of them. I also need to return the tile (score and snap) cutter and the recessed lighting trims kits. Ugh.

The good news is that the light fixtures are finally starting to trickle in. The fixtures for the 2nd bedroom and bath came first, followed by the sunroom and front porch. We’re still waiting for the stairwell / hallway sconces and I haven’t ordered the lights for the master suite yet. I had some trouble where the front porch lights didn’t work when I first hooked them up. This made me a little nervous and more than a bit mad. But, the next day, while encountering the same problems on other circuits, I figured that not all of the circuits had been completely wired up. The lights in each circuit are wired in series and, although it looked like the electricians had wired them together, the wires inside some light box were not actually wired together. Not sure why. I’m glad I figured it out though. The front porch lights looked really nice last night.

Oh, and the doorbell mysteriously started working again. That’s really good news. I was very worried that I would have a huge hassle in order to get that working again, or worse, that it would never work again. But, it works now, and I’m just happy about that.

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