Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I Got a Big Pipe...

I got the 70” pipe installed on the back hose bib! Yippee! I was really worried that it would be this huge struggle, but turned out to be a breeze. I drilled a hole in each joist and slid the pipe through, first try. Very cool. I tapped up the threads and screwed it in. No leaks.

The electrician finally did some work last night. But, he didn’t finish. Most of the outlets are wired and hot and most of the switches are in place. It turns out the heater for the bathroom was the wrong voltage. The box said 120V, but the heater clearly indicated it was 240V. So, I exchanged it at the Hell Depot last night and got a bunch of light bulbs and trim kits for the recessed lighting. Still no can in the kitchen, and he didn’t wire the switch for the kitchen yet either. He also didn’t do any outside wiring or the garage. One other disappointment is that the doorbell still doesn’t work. I can’t remember for sure when the doorbell stopped working, but I was hoping that when the electricity was restored on the north side of the house the door bell would start working again. It’s not. I left a note for the electrician to have a look. Hopefully he can fix it without much work.

I called Dave and left a message today to tell him about the electrical progress, but also to let him know that the jetted tub is ready for install. I still need those guys to fix the drain so that it will work. Also, I need to know what the deal with the shower facets will be. I’m not sure, based on what they roughed in, what brand limitations there may be, if any. I’ve just never changed out a shower faucet before.

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