Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wood Stove

I haven’t been working on the house at all lately. We were on vacation in Ashland this weekend and then I came down with a cold. So, things are exactly where they were more than a week ago. It’s kind of frustrating. I wish I could get more done. It’s very frustrating when you can’t see any progress, but you can see how much work needs to be done.

At least I have been shopping for a fireplace insert. I got an estimate for a small insert called Avalon, which I like. It’s supposed to work very well without the blower, which is a big plus. The estimate came in at $2650. Ugh. Oh well, it should work great and be a good investment in the house. I’m not sure if I’ll get another more estimates or not.

I still haven’t called any gutter people yet. I was hoping to at least finish the columns first.

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