Monday, October 25, 2004

End of Evening Light

I finally got an honest day’s work in on the house yesterday. I finished putting the collars on all three of the columns in the back porch and started putting the molding up. I got as far as getting the ‘thin-side’ molding on the north and south sides of each column. The thin-side is only an inch and a half wide and will be overlapped in a butt joint by the 2 inch molding.

Today it’s raining like a bastard again and I probably won’t work out back tonight. Besides, it’s Monday Night Football and I’ve already bought myself a pizza and a bottle of Italian wine. Ciao, baby!

However, this weekend is the end of daylight savings and it will be dark every evening after work until April. So, after this week all work outside is going to have to be done on the weekend. Oops, better get things done.

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