Monday, November 01, 2004

Painting Office Part 5...

Hey, we actual got to work quite a bit on the house this weekend. Yippee! I started working on wrapping the glue-lam beams with oak ply. I hope to have the over head beam in the bedrooms, 2nd bath, and sunroom wrapped soon. It don’t really look as good as I had hoped, but I’m hoping that once I get some additional ½ inch trim over the seams it will look great and match nicely the wainscoting. I decided not to wrap the rafters in the sunroom, just the glue laminates. This means I’ll need to spend some serious time sanding them and finishing them. I was even thinking of painting the metal hangers a dark color to match the bronze light fixtures. Also, I can’t forget to paint the skylight well. I probably won’t work tonight because of Monday night football, etc. But, I hope to get back to it Tuesday evening.

Jenn did a bunch of cleanup work and did some painting too. She put a second coat in the master closet and primed the office area for a color change. The closet looks great, although she did get some blue on the ceiling. Doah! The office looks terrible and will probably need another coat of primer before we change the color. We’re just going to paint it the same yellow as the rest of the hallway. It will probably take 2 coats of yellow too.

Finally, I was able to get the 3 columns of the back porch painted. I must say they look great. I’m really happy with how the columns have turned out over all. It really gives the house a more – I’m not sure – polished or professional or authentic look (perhaps all). Whatever it is, it’s a huge improvement over the regular strait square beams (and I didn’t think the square beams looked bad at all!). The best part about getting this done is that I should be able to get the gutters installed now. I need to get busy and call about getting some estimates. And then I’ll have another decision to make. Yuck, I really hate the decision making.

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