Monday, November 08, 2004

Cover Those Gluelams

I made some decent progress this weekend. I got the molding on the overhead beams in the bedrooms and bathroom. It looks pretty good. I even took the time to make a mission style pattern out of the verticals. The ¾ molding idea worked pretty well. It was pretty easy to cut and wrapped the ply butt joints no problem. It doesn’t look earth shatteringly great, but it’s good enough for a feature that is 12 feet up in the air. Next up is the sunroom.

The sunroom will have plenty of features at eye level. I will have to take more time to make everything line up more perfectly. I had originally hoped to wrap the beams with ply and trim them this week, but as I type this I realize that I cannot put the trim in until the flooring is in because the trim will rest on the flooring. Oops. I’ll just be able to put the ply up for now and then I’ll trim everything at once when the flooring is there.

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