Thursday, March 31, 2005

What a Mess!!!

Quick Poll: does your garage look this bad?!?

Btw, that is part of the front of the vanity cabinet for the master bath. It's going slow and I've only been able to work a few hours on it. Here is the current state of the cabinet:

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Anonymous Carol said...

You are not alone! My garage looks like that too, except it's a 2 car and we can move all the woodworking junk to the side and park a car in it. There is also the box-and-furniture pile in the other half, covered with drywall pieces and dust. We tell ourselves that it won't always be this bad, but who are we kidding? I like your blog- I have a similar experience with a GC, except mine is "Doug" and not "Dave"- same exact stories, though. Its funny when it happens to someone ELSE.

5:17 AM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Kasmira said...

Well...our garage isn't that bad, but our basement nearly is. As soon as I get myself a circular saw, I'm sure we'll catch up.

5:27 AM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Greg Emel said...

Carol, wow, you can park your car in your garage?!? What's that like? :-) Ha, Dave's actually a good guy and I'd consider using him again (not that I'll ever do anything this crazy ever again. EVER.) My only real complaint was that an estimated 4 month job took 12 months... I think our project was just too big for him.

Kasmira, ha we've got a basement full of stuff too! But we managed to get some heavy metal shelving a couple years back so it's now somewhat organized. whew.

3:33 PM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Cranky old-young guy said...

Does my GARAGE look that bad? No. My house looks worse though. I've been living with that on and off for 2.5 years, and my current kitchen/dining room is that bad minus the saw dust. I have come to understand that I will only live in an uncluttered and not-in-progress state up until the very night before I sell whatever house it is that I am living in. Apparently I got that defective gene that forces me to live in swallor and continuously redo my dwellings.

5:19 PM, April 18, 2005  
Blogger Greg Emel said...

Cranky old-young guy, I'm starting to have the same feelings about our house...

8:17 PM, April 18, 2005  

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