Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Neighbors

I actually did some work tonight! Whoa, I know! I worked a bit on the railing for the back porch / deck. But, then I got into a fight with the gutter downspout. It picked the absolute worse place to be, making it difficult to attach the railing to the column. I seem to be about as good with downspouts as I am with plumbing. Eventually I got the railing and downspout to coexist. But then, I heard a voice calling us from beyond the hedge...

We have new next-door neighbors. We met the man of the house, but his wife was off somewhere. They just moved up from Eugene and are very excited about their new house. I think they'll be good neighbors. His name is Dave, but I've already forgot what her name is. Oh well, I'll try and find out and write it down somewhere.

Officially, that house was on the market for 2 days. The house across the street from it still has a for sale sign, but already has at least one pending offer. It was on the market for 1 day. Things in Portland are getting crazy! I hear it is worse in Seattle and the Bay Area, but we're trying. I just feel fortunate that we got into our house when we did, and now we can just sit on the sidelines and watch the chaos.

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Blogger merideth said...

i'm here to tell you that it is, sadly, worse here in the bay area...people are bidding tens of thousands over asking prices in battles for homes...sigh...it is oddly comforting, though, to know that it's crazy in other places as well...congrats on the new neighbors...i'm sure you know what a great thing that can be.

8:25 AM, April 27, 2005  
Blogger Greg Emel said...

Yeah, I've heard the stories about bidding wars in Seattle and the bay area... Sounds like it's a sellers market all over.

10:26 PM, April 27, 2005  
Anonymous Chris said...

We live in a 1910 Edwardian in San Francisco. Our neighbors recently put their 1600 sq foot home on the market for 1.3 million. It's very modern, and has a cool kitchen and a garage. It sold for almost 1.7 million. The real estate agents have been run off my property a few times. They're circling like vultures.

11:14 AM, July 19, 2005  
Blogger Greg Emel said...

Chris! Ouch! That's astonishing! But, I guess that's what we should expect up here in Portland (in about 10-15 years...).

11:39 AM, July 19, 2005  

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