Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Plumbing and Electrical Inspection

Our building permits expire April 19. I knew that. The problem is that the house is no where near being code and won't by then. So, I called the city this week to find out my options. At first they said I would have to submit a written request for an extension. But, then the person I talked to said that I can call for a 'partial' final inspection. The idea is to at least show that we are making progress and have part of the 'final' done. For example, if the final plumbing is in place and up to code, we will not only get approved (for the plumbing portion) but we will get an automatic 6 month extension to finish the remaining issues. This is GREAT news! So, my plan is to try and get both the plumbing and electrical ready for final (partial) inspection with the hope that at least one of them passes and I get my extension. The electrical is easy: I just need to install 2 more light fixtures and cover the other boxes that will not get lights. The plumbing is a little more work: I've got to finish the bathroom vanity cabinets and get the faucets mounted for the shower, tub, and 3 sinks. Not too bad. Tonight we worked on tiling the vanity cabinets (see pictures below). Tomorrow night we mount the sinks and faucets. We should be fully plumbed and ready for electrical by this weekend. I plan on calling for the 'partial' final inspection on Tuesday. Wish us luck.

And now the good part: more pictures from my Flickr account:

Jenn is tiling the vanity top in the master bathroom.

The building stages of the vanity cabinet in the masterbath.

Finished tiling the countertop in the 2nd bathroom.

Finished tiling the countertop in the masterbath.

The 3 sinks wait to be mounted.

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