Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back Porch/Deck Done!

It's done. Well, sort of. As always there are a few loose ends to pickup. Later. But, the main need, getting the railing and skirting up, has been completed. That's good. It's a big milestone. Now I can return to the inside (just in time for the heat) and work on the stairs...

Here are some pictures. As always, click on the picture for bigger size options.

So, what didn't get done outside. Well, I was covering the butt ends of the decking with some trim when I ran out of finish nails. Also, it started raining pretty hard. I could go to the store and get some more nails and I could put a rain coat on, but it's a lot easier to quit, declare victory, and go blog about it.

Notice that the deck is pretty wet...

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