Friday, September 02, 2005

Are We Lucking Not to Live in Hurricane Country?

It is tough not to think about what is going on in the areas affected by Katrina, even though over a thousand miles away here in Portland we’ve had little direct impact. Gas prices have gone up about 50 cents, but are still less than $3/gal. But, we’re following the news here everyday. All of the destruction, the suffering, the chaos makes me sad and grateful that I don’t live down there. But, that said, it could happen here too.

Portland is surrounded by dormant and not so dormant volcanoes. We all know what Mt. St. Helens can do. But, if Mt. Hood were to wake up erupt with the same size and force of St. Helens’ 1980, Portland would likely suffer a similar kind of destruction as we now see in New Orleans. Also, while Portland isn’t known for major earthquakes, it is still earthquake country. With a geologic history of 9 (Richter Scale) quakes, we could have a major major quake with similar damage to the city. So, this weekend, while I’m thinking about the suffering in the Gulf region, while I’m writing my check to the Red Cross (my employer is matching 150%), I’m also going to take time to make sure I have the tool to turn off the gas, enough water and canned food to last a week or so, and fresh batteries for Jenn's boombox. Because, it could happen here, it could happen anywhere.

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Blogger Kim said...

We're at $3.09 up to $3.19/gallon in Cleveland, one station just closed because the owner feels he can't afford to operate. We actually have a nuclear powerplant built on a faultline about 30 miles from Cleveland. Yes, we do get earthquakes in Ohio, I've felt 2 in 20 years but it only takes one!! We all need to live one day at a time...and be prepared for anything.

4:00 PM, September 02, 2005  

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