Monday, March 29, 2004

New Windows, Failed Inspection

Much to report today. I’ve been kind of busy with work and haven’t kept up. The biggest news is that we have windows! Yippee! Of course, such great news must come with a caveat, and this time the caveat is that the ‘grills’ in the sunroom are of 2 different heights. The grills are inserts between the panels of glass that divide the light and 3 of the windows have grills that are 2 inches shorter than the other 3. The dealer promised us 3 new windows within 3 weeks, but said we could install the wrong windows until the news ones arrive. But, despite this problem, it’s great to have windows!

The other news is that I failed the insulation inspection. The inspector said he wants all gaps in the floor caused by plumbing or electrical to be filled with insulation. The idea is to provide a fire break and reduce the spread of fire, in the event that fire breaks out on the first floor. Along this theme, he also discovered that there were some missing fire breaks in the framing of the stairs. The builder said he would fix this.
So, what remains is getting the insulation inspection, some drywall, the porches framed, and then the siding. Not too bad.

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