Thursday, April 29, 2004

Drywall and Shingles

Okay, NOW things are starting to happen. We have drywall going up. We have cedar shingles going up. Whoopee! I got so excited that I started to build the triangular knee braces for the trellis over the garage. Wow, I like weeks like this!
The trellis is going to be a little higher than I had originally imagined. I had thought that the bottom of the ‘rails’ would be 8’ off the driveway. However, that left the braces overlapping the door opening. So, I raised it so that it will be 9’ over the driveway. There will be 4 braces. The two outer braces will lineup with the outside molding on the garage door and then there will two more evenly spaced between them. I think this will make the garage door seem taller and perhaps more narrow. I think (hope) these will add more good lines to the house. By the way, the braces will be white painted fir, but the rails will be 2x2 cedar. I do still hope to tie this trellis into the pergola along the south side of the garage, but I haven’t figured out exactly how that will work yet. In fact, I’m beginning to think that tying them together is not such a good idea. We’ll see.

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