Thursday, April 01, 2004

Who Is the Fool?

April fools day! Still haven’t passed an insulation inspection or filed the plans addendum. I guess that makes me the fool!
Last night I cleaned up as much of the construction debris as possible and left the plywood off of the stairs. Now the cats can go up and down the stairs at will. It was important to get everything cleaned up before allowing the cats to go upstairs because Jenn’s cat Sheba has decided that it’s fun to eat the little scraps of fiberglass insulation. She has thrown up several little pink puffs recently. The vet has assured Jenn that this is not good for a cat to eat. So, it is my task to make sure that cat does not find anymore little irresistible puffs of not so edible insulation. I was able to clean the main part of the upstairs, but the sunroom remains blocked off until I can get that clean too.
Now that we have the upstairs unblocked, I opened all of the heat vents. But, when the heat is blowing full blast and the air is racing around down stairs, the upstairs barely seems to be getting any airflow at all. I can put my hand up next to the vent in the ‘computer area,’ which is one of the farthest from the air source, but I can only just barely feel anything coming out. I tried closing all of the vents down stairs and this did improve the air upstairs, but only marginally. This concerns me. Is this because the HVAC guys did a piss poor job of installing the ducts upstairs, or do I need to get the system tuned? Or, should I just not worry about it because ultimately hot air rises and besides the insulation is so much better upstairs? Although I will bring this up with Dave, I think I’m going to end up waiting until this fall to monkey around with trying to balance the system. I may try putting some kind of choke point in the main vent that leads to the first floor, but ultimately I may need to hire a professional that specializes in this kind of work (probably the guys who installed the furnace).

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