Friday, May 07, 2004

The Week of Drywalling

It’s been a week of drywalling! This is mostly a good thing. The upstairs looks very good. They have finished hanging drywall in every room, although they haven’t put any drywall under the stairs in the sun room. I’m not sure why yet. Also, they didn’t get any drywall under the skylight. But, the real concern is how the drywall is lining up with the old lat-and-plaster. It appears that in most cases, where the plaster meets the drywall, there will be a noticeable seam. This is because the plaster sticks out proud of the dry wall. In some places, they have furred (sp?) out the area before putting down the drywall. This appears to have worked, but most of the seams have not had this treatment. Unfortunately Dave, the general, was not around this morning so I could not talk to him about these issues. Also, I’m not sure what going to happen this weekend. I plan to go home at lunch and see if he is around, otherwise I’ll have to give him a call.
Something else about the drywall is that it kind of makes everything look ‘modern.’ It’s kind of hard to describe, but it does bother me a little. Any illusion that this is an old house seems to have disappeared over night. I’m sure I’m just being hysterical, but it is an odd transformation, maybe because so much natural wood (the framing) was covered up.
My final thought is about the incredible mess. Ugh! When we got home, the entire downstairs near the stairway and bedroom was covered by a layer of gypsum powder and pieces of drywall. Man, what a mess! So, I cleaned it up the best that I can, but the gypsum powder doesn’t sweep up very well and will probably need to be scrubbed.
As I type this I get a phone call from the window people. It seems they are FINALLY ready to replace the mismatched grills in the sunroom. Yippee! Originally, the windows arrived with some of the grills (that divide the light) a couple inches shorter on half of the windows than on the other half. This looked very strange because the horizontal line through each of the windows didn’t line up. The window rep promised to replace them within 3 weeks, but that was over 5 weeks ago. I have to admit that I had my concerns that they would never get replaced, but they now say they are coming on Tuesday. Yippee!!!

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