Thursday, July 15, 2004

Painting Under Stairs

Painted primer in the closet under the main stairs. I made a point to paint the smooth walls before I painted the textured ceiling to prevent the texture from getting all over the walls. It seems to have worked. Great, now we’ll have smooth walls: in our closet… After I cleaned up the paint tray I realized that I forgot to paint primer under the stairs in the sunroom. Oops, I guess I’ll have to do this when I finish the primer in the sunroom. That is the last of the interior primer.

Jenn took the day off. She went to Miller paint to get a color match on some yarn she likes. It’s kind of a reddish copper color called cinnamon. But, the Miller guys refused to color match saying they can’t use the machine on fabric. Jerks! As much as I hate patronizing big box stores, Home Depot says they color match anything. Jenn still managed to get a quart of color that looks pretty close to the yarn. We’ll see how it looks after we get a couple coats on the wall.

But, we’re going to Seattle this weekend so we won’t be painting.

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