Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wedding Day

Saturday was probably the best day of my entire life. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, most especially Jenn.

Photo by Shawn

Photo by Lynda

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Been Painting, Have Pictures

That's it really. Just been painting the exterior for the past 2 weekends. Last weekend we got the siding painted and this weeekend we worked on the trim. Still not done, but we're getting close.

The wedding is now in just two weeks. Eek...

More pictures here...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend of Independence. Ha!

Independence day. A time to gather the family, picnic, watch fireworks, and reflect on our freedoms. Or, it’s a time to paint the house. This all depends on your priorities. Who knows, perhaps by next year we will gain some independence from our house.

Jenn suggested that we paint the house a barn red with the trim remaining a bright white. The contract is rather bold and I like it. The plan was to paint the main body (the gray siding) the new red color. But, Jenn also suggested that we paint the panels of the columns the same color. The idea is that this will bring the columns and house more together rather than leaving them as separate entities. We painted one column just to get an idea and I think it works.

One important lesson learned: not all caulk is paintable! I repeat NOT ALL CAULK IS PAINTABLE. Doah!!! After carefully caulking various holes and gaps I discovered last night, in the small print on the back of the caulk canister (not paintable). Geez, you’d think they would make that point a little more boldly. First we tried to just paint primer over it. I mean, primer paints over anything, right? Nope, it just beads up like water on a freshly waxed car and won’t stick to it at all. So, I had to spend several hours this morning REMOVING all of the unpaintable caulk using a scraper and sander. I won’t soon forget that.

Despite this set back, we still made progress today. With our friend Shawn's help, we have two coats on the front, and one coat on the north and east sides. With any luck, we will finish with the red paint tomorrow. Then, we can spend the day of our nations independence painting the white trim.

Here are some pictures: