Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did you fix the light yet?

The city inspector was here this morning. The first question he asked after exchanging pleasantries was about the closet lights. A comment was registered on our permit by the electrical inspector six months ago that the recessed lighting in the closet was not code. He told me then that a recessed light's light bulb must be covered with a glass lens, or the light bulb could be replaced with a sealed beam.

"Did you fix the recess lighting in the upstairs closet?"
"What? Oh, you mean replace the light bulb?"
"Did you fix it?"
"Umm, well, no."
"Well" he said slowly "this is going to be a short inspection."

He was right, it was a short inspection. So, I absolutely positively must replace three recessed light fixture trims with ones that include a glass lens. I now have 6 months to get this done. I think I can do that.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back to Work

The wedding was great, the honeymoon was wonderful, but now it's back to work! There is a long list of things left to do. Probably first up will be the sunroom.

I just received an order of 200bf of 4/4 white oak from Crosscuts. This should be enough to trim the upstairs (I HOPE!!!). Each room needs baseboards and casings on the windows and doorways. That's a lot of 1x4. However, it doesn't come delivered in 1x4s, but rather 3 sided random width. So, first up, I need to make a whole bunch of 1x4 out of the white oak. This means a whole lot of table sawing and a whole lot of sanding away saw marks. Gasp.

Like I said, first up is the sunroom. I need to lay down the baseboards, then get to work on the casings. There are 6 windows and two doorways. That should take a while...