Thursday, July 22, 2004

Burned by Orange Paint...

Painted more last night. It became evident that the idea of painting the beams above the upstairs hallway the ‘burnt orange’ color was a mistake. It looks laughably bad. I proposed to Jenn that we either paint it white or the cane color, or some other accent color. I still like the idea of painting the ‘office’ area a different color than the cane, but Jenn doesn’t seem that interested in the idea.
The jury is still out on the sunroom color. Clearly it is not the color that either one of us thought it would be. Instead of a warm rich red, it’s more of a dark eggplant purple. I don’t think Jenn is happy with it, but I’m willing to keep it, at least for a while.
We still need to pick a color for the second bedroom.

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