Thursday, July 29, 2004

Yet Another Office Color

One week later and it doesn’t seem like much as changed. But, at least we have color in each of the rooms. We got a new color for the sunroom, which looks almost exactly the same as the old color that we can hardly tell the difference. We painted a blue color in the office. Technically it is cobalt and it looks pretty good with the yellow ‘cane’ of the hallway. We have a color for the second bedroom. Two, actually. It is a light lavender and a matching darker lavender. It looks ok, but Jenn seems a little disappointed. I think we both agree now that the important thing is to just get beyond this paint phase and move on to bigger and better things like electricity, flooring, and functional bathrooms.

Speaking of flooring, the last of my two classes on wood floors is tonight. I will be learning about sanding and finishing the flooring. I’m hoping to get more hands on experience this time than I did last time. Last class was mostly lecture with only a few short minutes playing with the flooring hammer. Getting some time with the sander is my primer reason for taking this class. I want a chance to feel how the sander behaves before I start running it up and down my own floors. Hopefully I can really do this.

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