Wednesday, August 18, 2004

$88 wet saw worth every dollar

I finished cutting the tile for the tub deck in the master bath. For $88, that wet saw is worth every penny. I did find that one limitation is the rip fence. You can’t set it to a certain width and expect to run tiles through and find that they are all the same width. The rip fence is especially cumbersome when trying to cut tiles that are connected with the mesh backing. I remember when I was shopping for a wood cutting table saw that one salesman told me that the main difference between a cheap table saw and the more expensive ones is the quality of the rip fence. Apparently this is true with tile wet saws too. But, what I found to be very effective was to place the tile overhanging the opening, mark what I want to cut off with masking tape (cover the portion of the tile I want to keep with the tape, the outer edge is the waste line), then cut the tile on the saw without the rip fence. This method produced perfect cuts every time, even when I left several tiles together with the mesh backing. I was very proud of myself last night. Now that the cutting is done, I hope to set the tile tonight. I got a small tub of grout and a trowel and I think I can get this done in no time. Oh, one other thing, I bought a laser level a few months back not really knowing what I’d use it for. But, last night, I used it and it was great! I used the laser to make sure my tile was lined up perfect. I just ran the laser light up the grout line and I could easily see where the tiles were out of alignment and easily re-align them. When I was done, the tile looked perfect. I can’t wait to get this grouted.

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