Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog Got Spammed?

After my last post yesterday, I had 7 comments. All of the comments were completely unrelated to my post and my blog, all were encouraging readers to go follow links to another site. They were all obviously not left by humans, but rather "bots" that automatically look for any blogs to post their advertisements to. I've seen these before, never more than 1 at a time. But this time I got 7. I just deleted them all.

So, my question: is this happening to your blog too? Does anyone know of any effective counter measures?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Living Space: The Master Bedroom

Our living space expanded once again this weekend. We decided it might be smart to move our bed upstairs before we put the railings on the main stairs. Even though we don't have a proper frame for it, we thought it would just be easier to get the mattress and boxsprings up the stairs before the railings are in place. Work on the treads kicked up a lot of dust. So, we had to clean that up as best as possible, including damp-mopping the walls! We also needed to wait until the finish on the treads was fully cured. On Saturday we moved up.

Our first night in our new bedroom was warm, but pleasant. We left the windows open on both the east and west side of the bedroom and there was a nice breeze that would blow right through the room. The sounds of rustling leaves from the two large maples that guard both the front and back of the house in stereo was soothing. I think we're going to like our new bedroom.

Now that summer is nearing an end and the building permits are once again nearing expiration, I must focus again on the stairs. I've now got all of the wood I need to build the railings. I hope to have them mostly done by this time next week. I hope.

I have posted two new pictures. These are both looking out the windows towards the front of the house (these are the same windows that you can see in the picture of the front of the house -- top left of this page). The bedroom window is the north side of the dormer (left side while facing house), the south side is above the main stairs.

Bedroom Window At Sunset

Back to Work on the Main Stairs

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lazy Summer

It has been a warm and lazy summer here. As much as I need to work on the interior stairs, we've been mostly kicking back and relaxing on our new back porch. Ahhh.

But, last night I finally got the sealant coat on the treads for the main stairs. That's the first step in applying the finish. Hopefully I can finish the finish by this weekend and start working on either the railing on the main stairs or the treads in the sunroom.

I've been trying to hire someone to paint the trim on our house. That's not easy when you consider that most house painters are pretty busy this time of year. Most of the people I called out of the phonebook never returned my calls. I did get one guy in to look at the house. He gave me a written estimate that seemed very high. I finally got a second guy who said his fee would be in the same range as the first guy, but the second guy never got back to me with a written estimate. So, I decided to bite the bullet and hire the first guy, but now he isn't returning my calls either. *sigh*

It is just so much easier just to relax on the back porch and watch the warm lazy summer go by.